Auryn Project
We started with asking: How can we raise marginalized voices, empower diverse leaders, create equity and access, and preserve the integrity of psychedelic medicines?

These are still our guiding questions.

Yet increasingly we began to wonder whether, in a world of unabated psychedelic commercialization, that vision could be realized. Business will create access. That is essential. But if it follows the patterns set across other industries, that access will not be without costs.

Our goal is not only for psychedelic medicine to be delivered to those who need it, but that it be delivered in a way that makes the world more just.

If business is a lever for doing this, can it do so while defining new standards for equity and integrity, behaving in a spirit of stewardship, and showing up in an enlightened way?

Possibly. But it's going to be a challenging journey. It will be easy to get lost. For this project to end in that place, it will take dedicated guides. It will require perseverance from the community at large. It will require strength from us to hold onto our hope for what the world could be.

This is the work of Auryn Project.

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