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Kat Conour, LMFT, applies her background in psychology, philanthropy, and organizational development to serve leaders and organizations in the field of psychedelics and beyond. With a keenness for identifying and developing talent, she turns values and vision into action. As Founder & Principal at Auryn Project, Kat focuses on incubating projects committed to centering equity, integrity, and regenerative approaches in the scaling of delivery systems for psychedelic medicines.

Originally published through Auryn Project, Kat served as the executive producer for the timely piece We Will Call It Pala, a dystopian narrative illuminating a future where psychedelics intersect with "business as usual" and which touched the hearts of many. Building on the "problem of Pala", Auryn Project next incubated North Star, focused on centering ethics and integrity in the expanding psychedelic business landscape. In order to create opportunities for individuals and businesses to give back she also served as a founding advisor and donor in the development of Chacruna's Indigenous Reciprocity Initiative, streamlining giving to frontline indigenous groups.

She is a graduate of MAPS' MDMA-assisted therapy training program and ketamine-assisted therapist whose approach is informed by 13+ years working with various traditions in the healing uses of plant medicines. Kat serves on the Advisory Councils of Chacruna and Psychedelic Seminars and formerly on the board of Threshold Foundation and the Advisory Council of the Emergent Fund. Having recently transitioned out of her role as Founding Chair and adjunct faculty of Alchemy Community Therapy Center (formerly Sage Institute), Kat is now focused on her therapy and executive coaching practice alongside consulting and facilitation for mission-aligned organizations within and beyond the psychedelic field. She continues to provide seed grants with pro bono advisory through the Auryn Fund, focused on getting early stage projects ready for larger institutional support.

In her free time she can be found roaming the hills of West Marin on her mule.

If you're interested in having Kat speak at your conference, advise or facilitate for your team, project, or organization, email [email protected]

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