About North Star
Rick Doblin, Founder & Executive Director, MAPS
I am grateful for North Star's effort to highlight that "business as usual" and profit maximization are not the only ways to get psychedelics to people. The values and principles enshrined by North Star will help guide all who wish to join the psychedelic renaissance in a positive direction.

The MAPS Public Benefit Corporation is one approach to maximize public benefit over profit.
The psychedelic movement enters a commercial phase which brings opportunities and risks. North Star is helping to shape the culture through which organizations develop. The North Star Ethical Pledge, created with input from leaders across the field, is a first step in this - a commitment from newly forming and long established psychedelic organizations to act with intention, integrity, and reverence for these medicines and the rich history that they bring.
North Star Ethical Pledge
North Star is a non-profit that serves psychedelic organizations committed to social good. We are gathering an ethical community of people, organizations and institutions across the landscape of psychedelics, into a project of co-creating the North Star Ethical Pledge. When finished, this pledge will serve as an entry point into the community for any organization committed to acting with integrity and building win-win outcomes across the field.

The North Star community will share access to gatherings and speaker series, donor and investor roundtables, seminars, open-source tools, and invitation to the North Star Conference.
North Star is helping to steward an ethical approach to psychedelic medicine. This means focusing not only on what we're hoping to create, but the actions we take to get there.

To create the North Star Ethical Pledge we are actively seeking input from stakeholders across the psychedelic movement and beyond - a diverse coalition of elders, wisdom keepers, leaders and guides who will help to craft the pledge.

If you are interested in being involved in this process, please reach out to us here. The pledge will be available for signing on April 15th, 2020.
North Star Ethical Pledge:
A Community Convergence
Psychedelic medicine could create a transformation in connectedness, belonging and meaning, that could help heal people and impact society as well. Business as usual will not get us to that future. It must be business as never before.
Psychedelic Models For Business
We can build a future where all people have access to the best mental health treatments; where the organizations delivering care reflect the unique fabric of the communities they treat; and where the patient, community and planet are stakeholders in the corporation. It is a world where patients are no longer measured by lifetime value but by the value of their lives. It is a future where individuals, communities and systems heal.
North Star serves the people working to create this future, serving as stewards to an ethical community of psychedelic organizations committed to making the world more equitable and just. North Star provides resources, connections and support, while calling these organizations to show up in the best way, and helping to hold them accountable to their intentions.
"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
- Albert Einstein
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