We Will Call It Pala is our effort to take the commercialization of psychedelics out of the abstract - to share not just an idea of what it may be, but a feeling too. The purpose of sharing it is not to create fear but inspire action. The story presents one future. Together, we can make a different one.

Many people care deeply about the ways psychedelic medicines are delivered to the world. If you are one of them, connect with us. Our role is to be a bridge.
This story is only a beginning. We will not end with sharing a future that fills us with dread. A better world is out there, on the horizon, waiting for us to look. It's time to make it real.

Our hope with Pala, and Auryn Project going forward, is to help facilitate dialogue, collect and redistribute ideas, and inspire action on this topic.

The future belongs to all of us. This story does as well. At the same time we honor the principle of transparency. To learn more about the people behind Pala, please click here.

With gratitude and determination,

Kat & Dave
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